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Our “Trainer of Trainers” Model

The following research was carried out to adapt and/or improve our programs

2017 Derika de Villiers conducted a research study on the Action Breaks Silence, using a qualitative exploratory descriptive design to investigate and describe the experiences of individuals who participated in the Action Breaks Silence 4-hour Boys Empathy Programme. The goal of the study was to gain and better understand the participants’ perception of violence, as well as gathering more in-depth information about their experiences of the programme itself.

2018-2019 Professor Maretha Visser from Pretoria University evaluated the programme using a mixed-method approach. Quantitative surveys on gender roles and self-esteem were given out before and after each phase of the 12-hour programme. Qualitative evaluation in the form of eight focus groups were conducted. Please see her progress report on the evaluation attached.

Professor Maretha Visser reported: ‘’The intervention promises to make a difference in gender relationships, which is much needed in the South African context. This programme is the first of its kind, and should be extended to all primary schools and upgraded to be applicable in secondary school.’'

In 2019, Debi Steven, CEO of Action Breaks Silence UK and CEO of Action Breaks Silence South Africa, conducted qualitative research using focus groups of eleven to twelve-year-old girls and boys. The study aimed to give the youth a voice, and explore what they thought/knew about sexual harassment, the kinds of sexual harassment they experienced, the prevalence of it at primary schools in Soweto, and what they thought their roles were in preventing it.

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