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Gillian Beeton - Special Advisor – Self-Esteem Programme

Gillian Beeton is a Self-Esteem Facilitator, Life Coach and Life Orientation Educator. Her company Real Self is affiliated to the Building Self-Esteem Organisation. She works with corporates, individuals, educators, parents and learners in the area of self-development. She has facilitated male and female groups for the Johannesburg Correctional Services as a part of their rehabilitative programme for 9 years. In addition, she has worked with the Learning Channel, SABC Education, scripting and presenting Life Orientation for Grades 10 and 12 learners.

She has facilitated numerous workshops and one-on-one sessions in the corporate arena namely, addressing organizational change and integration, addressing team cohesion and positive engagement, addressing lack of morale, motivation and personal accountability, lack of productivity, as well as low levels of self-esteem. She has also been involved in programmes for women, adolescents, orphans, learners, educators and parents.


Thabiso Mailula - Special Advisor - Boys Programme

Thabiso Mailula is a Professional Personal Development and Mental Health Coach and a motivational speaker based in South Africa. He has a background in psychology, coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and employee assistance programmes.

Thabiso has over 8 years of experience working with people who have mental health and addiction problems, by assisting them to live independent lives. He launched a seminar series in 2014 to empower men holistically, looking to address the main factors he believed affected men. His work led to personal recognition by Action Breaks Silence (ABS), who approached him to work as a trainer and advisor for the boys’ empathy programme. He has been in this role for the ABS team in South Africa from 2015 to date.

Thabiso is passionate about the mental health of his community members, which earned him the nomination for the international NLP Conference in 2018. He won the special International NLP Inspiration Award, presented by the organisers of the event, the Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming (ANLP). Thabiso’s topic, Dealing with Criticism and Realising the Resources Within, was inspired by his journey. His work in schools with ABS was approved for the 2019 NLP International Conference.

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