Empowerment through Self Defence Workshops For Women & Girls

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An Innovative Programme

The Empowerment through Self-Defence Workshop for women and girls, is a skills-based, interactive workshop, which educates participants about gender-based violence. Using empowerment as a tool, it equips them to recognise signs of potentially dangerous behaviours encouraging them to own their space and bodies with confidence. We offer this workshop for high schools, community groups, women’s events and to business for their female employees.
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The Empowerment through Self-Defence Workshop for Girls and Women

Our training seeks to:

• Ensure that all our participants leave our workshops not only feeling empowered but also ‘behaving’ empowered, with their self-belief and confidence enduringly enhanced.
• Educate girls about sexual and gender-based violence and its impact.
• Give women and girls a platform to ‘break the silence’ surrounding abuse/violence against women and educate them on how to seek help.
• Give participants an insight into the minds of perpetrators and break down rape myths.
• Teach them self-love and boundary setting.
• Provide all participants with an understanding of physical personal safety techniques and exercises to give participants confidence in their bodies and acceptance of their ‘inner warrior’.

Impact Of Our Work

Initial Impact Studies from the our previous parachute intervention programme have shown:

• 95% of the participants felt less scared after our workshop.
• 96% felt more capable of defending themselves after our workshop.
• 100% said they could immediately put into action what they had learnt.
• 100% of girls said they felt more empowered.

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Actions Breaks Silence Ltd (registered charity number: 1158744) is a charitable company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales (company number: 08686204). 
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