Through participating in the ‘Train the Trainer’ programme, a variety of skills and lessons have been instilled in me, which have helped me in various parts of my life. 

It has had a considerable impact on my confidence and ability to present complex ideas to a variety of people, as well as to cater to the individual needs of the group. When learning from other trainers I’m also encouraged and made more comfortable in my capabilities. Through learning the manuals for the Primary School Programme, the idea of core values has become an important part of my life and has allowed me to become more assertive and, through understanding the different types of abuse, I’m also more easily able to recognise any incidents of abuse in my life and address it effectively through boundary setting. This allows me to build healthy relationships with others and I feel much more confident and aware of myself and my ability to look after and protect myself when needed.

Another concept of the Primary School Programme training which has really positively affected me is my newfound understanding of self-love and self-competence.